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  • buzz60016 buzz60016 May 8, 2007 2:28 AM Flag

    How Low WIll it Go if Not Approved??

    Ask yourself a question:

    Is DNDN a cure for cancer?

    ANS: NO

    This is a late stage Prostate Cancer Treatment.

    Extends life, but not a cure.


    A useful tool - Not a GOLDEN BULLET

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    • Got to understand and Im sure this company understands that in the Business of Chemo which my wife was on it's sooo expensive and they are making a lot of money on it and there are other drugs that you need to Balance out the chemo. They are expensive too this drug will help you in remission til new drugs will come out in the future. It's a money issue to survive and do you think the Goverment want the population to live till 90s do you know what that will do to SS system, thats why all the food we eat the Meat and drink have perservitives in it as a slow death the FDA knows this and thats why Children, adults Immune systems are down new forms of antiboiatics can't even keep up and they keep making billions. You see why would they approve a drug that can cost nothing to take compare to Chemo.

    • The money is made in treatments. Aspirin is not the cure for a headache. Prednisone is not the cure for shingles. Insulin is not the cure for diabetes. Etc.

      The only thing that matters is that, if Provenge is approved, what are the sales gonna be??? That's it.