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  • stauber2112 stauber2112 Jul 12, 2007 10:49 AM Flag

    I'm long DNDN but you MUST READ THIS re NWBO

    All DNDN has to offer is a vaccine. It's exactly what NWBO has and will be selling this 3rd qtr. You are looking at a stock with a 25m mkt cap as apposed to a 600m one. This is a no brainer. btw NWBO has soo many similar vaccines in the pipeline including Prostate that has shown BETTER EFFICACY than DNDN. The CEO has stated that the early results for the prostate vaccine are at lesat as good as their Brain Cancer one that HAS BEEN APPROVED overseas. Look for hundreds of positive PR's in the next year. Just f'in buy this stock now don't overthink it. Good luck-
    peace.- Steve

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