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  • legend85042 legend85042 Oct 16, 2008 1:05 PM Flag

    Joe Pantginis

    Joe Pant Genius the analyst who give Dendreon a sell rating tells us that we should sell our stock because CEGE has a promising RIVAL drug, GVAX. Has this idiot even done his homework? GVAX kills more people than the placebo group and this is already old news.

    Joe Pant Genius also tells us that if provenge doesn't achieve the benchmarks in the final analysis that the stock will go down 70%, but could go up if it succeeded... DUHHHHHHH

    My question to Joe Pant Genius is this...

    If your company never owned any shares and you want to sell our stock, is then your recommendation to short at 4.91?

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    • what a brain child? He recommends cege over dndn and cege halts GVAX today and cege stock drops 70% to .14 cents. What a joke!!! Does he actually earn a salary giving his recommendations?

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      • pant genius was recently fired from another company.

      • he'll be right about DNDN since he felt that it should be a sell and we all know that CEGE was a better risk than DNDN and it flopped...

        If I didn't already have a small position in DNDN from a small portion of that 715% gain in this stock i would not be investing into DNDN at this time...

        IMHO, DNDN might rebound later next year when it gets closer to the finish line of this badly ran VERY SMALL trial.

        IMHO, this will play out like GNTA. DNDN will be forced into signing a partner which will turn around and expand upon the ongoing trial by adding more people to it which will push the finish line back another year or two... Then when it comes up for review it will get shot down, the partner will bail and the cons(Longs) will start looking for another story book stock where they can preach about God and evil vs good and the scam will start up again and I'll follow them to that new story to make money from their evil ways..

        Ta ta

        TD Alan

    • That recommendation to short DNDN and buy CEGE came out of a July Pantginnis research report done at Canaccord Adams. We don't even know if Pantginnis went to Merriman. The last price on MERR stock is $0.73. For all we know this broker may be liquidating. The initiation of coverage at MERR on Dendreon appears to be a hoax, IMHO. Obviously, the stuff about CEGE is ludicrous. There is a lot here that doesn't make sense.


      Novacea Inc. whose lead cancer drug Asentar failed a late stage clinic trial, and privately held Transcept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have merged. The deal gives Transcept some $90 million in cash and, incidentally a public listing.

      Novacea CEO and Cell Genesys CEO sit on the board for privately held Ceregene. IMHO CEGE will pull the same cash shell off with Ceregene. Ceregene is coming out soon with some news...if these 2 companies are combined Sherwin will have cancer and the central nervous system market cornered.
      I always wanted to own Ceregene if it became public...central nervous system is a bigger market..for all I know he doesn't even sell the GVAX platform.

    • Of note, FEWER treatment cycles with Taxotere were administered to patients in the GVAX immunotherapy plus Taxotere arm compared to the control arm. A difference which was statistically significant.

      analysis of the Vital 2 phase 3