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  • adeiflig adeiflig Feb 18, 2009 5:44 PM Flag


    Could someone explain to me why all of these material transactions are occuring now, prior to results and that these firms are accumulating in chunks of 5% of the float?

    It certainly looks like results have leaked unless if all of these firms spend millions on a gamble.

    a) Why would Bam Capital LLC increase their position by 111% by buying 5,098,945 shares of DNDN bringing their total close to 10 million shares or 10.3% of the float? Is this normal?

    b) Why would Capital Ventures purchase 8,000,000 shares of DNDN for 7.6% of float? Is this normal?

    c) Why would Visium Asset Management LP purchase 5,429,810 shares of DNDN 5.6% of float? Is this normal?

    d) Why has Barclays Global purchased 2,140,598 shares of DNDN or 2.21% and, Barclays Global Fund Advisors purchase another 3,198,101 shares or 3.30%, totaling 5.51%? Is this normal?

    e) Why has Morgan Stanely purchased 3,161,592 shares of DNDN or 3.2% of float? Is this normal?

    f) Why has UBS added 18% more to its position bringing its total to 6,571,816 or 6.70% of float? Is this normal?

    g) Why has Vanguard added 1,321,177 shares recently?

    h) Why has Jesaga Advisors purchased a huge position of 930,200 shares of DNDN for its 1st transaction?

    i) Why has Shaw DE & Co opened up with a new position of 620,714 shares of DNDN, a large number for the first transaction?

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