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  • carrik.fergus carrik.fergus Apr 30, 2009 9:00 PM Flag

    If this bitch is suppose to go to $35.00 why are insiders selling

    Watch out for mothra's posts. she is a huge contradiction - i.e, from earlier today:

    She reminds me of the old tale of the "siren's song".

    Is she short, or long, or short, or long, or both, or not at all,...etc.

    Ok, she is likely a one-minute chart day trader who feels the need to talk to someone all day, that is all. Just be aware not to take her minute-to-minute positions too seriously because before you blink, they have probably changed.

    GL to all

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    • Yes, and I'm still short.

      I don't trade most stocks too frequently.

      DNDN is one of only 2-4 stocks out of about 15 in my portfolio that I trade in and out of.

      I shorted today and will cover and probably go long soon.

      Buy my opinions do not change, just because my position does. And lying shorts annoy me as much as lying longs.

      I already posted the complete explanation to the insider sales, and I concluded that they were not bearish at all.

      Here it is again. I doubt any of you idiots can read or comprehend any of it.


      Here is a link to details on Canet's most recent trading plan.

      It states:

      "The Plan provides for the sale of up to a total of 109,171 shares [THE EXACT NUMBER HE SOLD ON APRIL 14TH] currently beneficially held by Mr. Canet pursuant to presently exercisable stock options over a period beginning February 5, 2009 and ending August 5, 2009. Shares will be sold under the Plan on the open market at prevailing market prices, subject to minimum price thresholds and other sale date requirements."

      Now, you might say that Canet knew that Dendreon would be making an announcement, and set up his trading plan in Febrary in order to profit in April. Maybe he did, but I have some circumstantial evidence against that as well.

      Here is a link to his previous trading plan, from mid-2008:

      It is identical to the one executed on April 14th, for the same number of shares, and it expired on December 15th, 2008.

      Finally, one more link to seal the deal:

      That is open, high, low, close data for DNDN. Scroll down to April 14th. What is the opening price?

      It's 21.40, Canet's selling price according to the SEC filing. His limit price was therefore set somewhere between that Monday's high of 7.90 and Tuesday's open of 21.40, and his order executed immediately upon the open.

      Clearly, Canet has waited a long time for this. Clearly, he was expecting this. And clearly, if I had known what his plan was sooner, I would have seen it as extremely bullish. But questions remain. How many shares does he have left? Has he just cashed out, or does he believe this stock will go much higher?

      You're welcome.


      (REPOST FROM APRIL 24TH 2009)

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      • mothra, My intention wasn't to criticize you. I actually respect you greatly. my last warning was to the pie-in-the-sky people, long or short who don't really understand this game. If you notice, I didn't really mention anything specific except your one post earlier that you were short. If you really hate lying shorts as much as lying longs, please be careful not to confuse everyone here either/or/and in the middle. There's already enough crap on this message board to fill the Pacific Basin. Again, I respect you.

        "Sliocht sleachta ar shliocht bhur sleachta"
        Blessings on you prosperity

    • Could not agree more!!