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  • nvest80 nvest80 Jun 26, 2009 4:38 PM Flag

    never seen anything like this...still going on

    95k shares sold at 23.98...I think we could have panic selling and hit 16 by Tuesday if not lower.

    Look at the drop from 2007...and longs, don't even reply saying this time is different. At 12 I might consider going long but until then this is a great short. Holding 30 out of money Puts that might pay off really good next week ;)

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    • If your scared go to church,then buy some JNJ & WMT.

    • Please ... do you see any FDA letter? Who are you and who is your boss? I find it unlikely that you just materialzed out of thin air to spread fear mongering lies like "could be in a free fall by Tuesday" ... do you realize that someone scooped up over 6M shares at $24. The price had not even been close to $24 (currently trading 33 cents above the low ... this person or group of people just made 1.80M by robbing others. I know some have tried saying this is rebalancing ... sorry rebalancing does not cause the stock price to plunge $1.60 in 15 seconds. This was yet another bull shit "erro trade" or whatever we are going to hear from Nasdaq this time