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  • hollywood_zonked hollywood_zonked Feb 12, 2010 4:23 PM Flag

    DNDN will close in the RED Today..

    I'm happy to see I was wrong.. I'm long 6000 shares and I expected to see some sell off going into a 3 day weekend..I'm happy to see strength going into the close.. If I recall, Casey over on the IV board made the same prediction about this yesterday. I even question it in my post there...

    No problem with it going higher.... The odds of approval have not changed, still 65% it will get approved and 35% that the FDA will find something to delay this again..

    I also commented on the news that came out yesterday... It's nice reading positive info about DNDN, but the real news in the story was the mention of the SEC looking into that bizarre 120 sec sell off that drove DNDN down to $11...

    I hope they keep watching the action as we approach approval for more funny stuff... My friends BTM said they are hearing rumors of another attempt to take this down before the announcement... I posted that this same rumor is spectulating that the FDA will approve but with lots of limitations...

    Hope you have a great weekend..

    I had two great photo shoots yesterday and tomorrow I'm playing in a Skins game in the morning and a texas-holdem tournament later that night. Flying to vegas for VD....


    TD Alan

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    • >>>>>Flying to vegas for VD....>>>>>>

      Perfect. Just perfect.

      Yep, you can probably find yourself a right firstclass dose.

      Couldn't you just as easily get a shot of dirty leg round the corner on H'wood Blvd?

      >>>>>SEC looking into that bizarre 120 sec sell off that drove DNDN down to $11...>>>>>

      I've noticed that even you don't harp on the bad advice of using stops here.

      Dang... I feel so comforted knowing that the SEC Keystone Cops are vigilant and aware. Loved the FoxNoise talking fathead comment "... Ah dunno, maybe sumbuddy hit the wrong button or sumpin..."