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  • hollywood_zonked hollywood_zonked Apr 13, 2010 11:07 AM Flag


    Maybe the reason why we've heard nothing at all has to do with the inspection of the jersy plant.. If it failed or still needs work then the FDA will probably hold off on announcing anything at all..

    Just my humble opinion..

    ta de da

    TD Alan

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    • - And run a marathon in under 3 1/2 hours. BTW: 1096 people age 50-60 ran it. All of 20 ran it 3 1/2 hours or less... named.... only 2 female. Perhaps (as someone suggested in a joke) he ran it dressed as a bus-driving, buggered-in-a-graveyard nun. Or perhaps he ran under a pseudonym. Or didn't pony up the race ante. Or didn't run it at all.
      - Plays basketball at age 58 for 4 hours.
      - .... then goes and has monkey sex with a 27 y.o. ... what?
      - Takes photos of glitterati for Robin Leach.
      - Swans about town in a limo.

      ... OMG.... I... I ... I think I respect him!. I... I... think that I now admire him. I .. I want his advice in all things financial. I... I... I want to swoon and call him MISTER Alan.

      oooo.. it's working! Mikey, he's so strong, and virile, and sucessful!

      And who cares if he can't parse a phrase, spell words with 3 syllables, or come up with an orginal thought without purloining it from Ren & Stimpy cartoons, or rub two braincells together and create two mosquito's headbutting's worth of cranial energy.

      Yep, by his repeating it ad nauseum: He da man!

      Now be nice and bow down before him like a good toady.

    • Crack, he's not even good for a laugh anymore. He has become the class clown.

      Look at me, look at me. I have made 25,000% on DNDN over the last few years, bashing it...ya right!

      I date all the lovely women in Hollywood...ya right!

      I have buildings in other states...ya right!

    • They just pounded in the last stake to the huge circus tent they are using for the plant.. No problem...!!!!!

    • maybe it's because the martians plan to invade New Jersey and the FDA wants to fortify against possible attack...maybe it's because you're terminally impacted and the FDA wants you to pass first

    • As I said before a CRL is coming.

      Unlike my impostor, I won't be holding this bag when the shit hits the fan.

      • 1 Reply to zonked_always_win
      • you are the shit Mr impostor... If you had played this like I really have, then you would ride it out now because you would have already pocketed a sweet profit close to 3000% in this stock here and the 4500 shares is the icing on the cake.. If it hits big on May 1 then you'll be really jamming and if the FDA shoots it down, then where ever you end up selling at will be added to the profits.. just like I did in GNTA..

        I have to run... My limo is here.

        Ta de da

        TD Alan

    • You are one stupid person posting the crap you do.

      FDA set May 1 for a reason and anyone who expects them to post a decision before then is playing with a half empty deck. In your case it is mostly just plain ole empty.

      • 1 Reply to wd404048
      • >>FDA set May 1 for a reason and anyone who expects them to post a decision before then is playing with a half empty deck. In your case it is mostly just plain ole empty<<

        That covers every long on this and the IV board.. I have been playing this stock for 8 years and for the past 8 years people like Crack/shamb,Joe, TVG, eagleeye, whisperingsam, casey, fordwill, crougman, green, tenlow, have all PUMPED this and have SAID that the FDA could announce that DNDN has been approved at any moment. Every time there is a conference that DNDN is attending these fools would hype that message of approval coming.

        So you and i agree that the longs on this and the IV board are full of crap and they have been for 8+ years..


        Thanks.. I already knew that most of those posing as longs are playing with a half empty deck..

        Ta de da

        TD Alan

    • Maybe? That says it all my friend. You really know nothing at all.

    • Maybe your mother dropped you on your head

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