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  • n59218 n59218 Apr 14, 2010 10:52 PM Flag

    Don't tell ne Lucy Lu gets paid for this

    Actually, from the jumbled-up call's text, its obvious to any astute industry-watcher, that, this was done under obvious pressure. An ex-analyst friend of mine speculated on this and said that: This was routinely observed in his previous life. They would come-in, 2 or 3 of them together, at his desk (any lowly analyeast in the firm) and state that, something imp. - they want to discuss. Do you want to do it here (at his desk) or would rather come in to the mgt. office? Recognizing the gravity, he would happily go in. Then they would say: "Look, things are not going that great with you for us. But, here is something you can do for us, that may help keep you on p.yr.ll ... some of our big cl..nts need help, and you need to make the -ve call. You'll have to sacrifice your name a bit here, we understand ... but, its either that or the next p.ych.k, you choose!" And, he will happily downgrade in a zippy!

    Now, the whole thing may be just a speculation on his part, and may not apply at all here, but, it sure smells like it! We should not be surprized either way. Wish this wasn't the case... but, they do it routinely and the system of so called "market checks-and-balances" only exist as vaporware with the Gods, and not for the little Joes on the street. What else is new? ;-)

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