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  • theskyisfallinghere theskyisfallinghere May 6, 2010 12:58 PM Flag

    Not the time to do a secondary

    But I have a bad feeling one is in the works. I sure wish I had not bought those calls yesterday. Oh well.

    Options are risky in this one. Best to have shares and tuck them away for a few years.

    I have a bad feeling the overall markets are going to tank more tomorrow and next week. Maybe by late next week DNDN and everything else will stop going down. Lets hope the Euro contagion stops soon or the markets will lose another 20%+.

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    • Good point....ramping up production is going to take a boatload of cash, so a secondary is a real possiblity sooner rather than later. I took some off the table yesterday and am waiting for the announcement of a secondary to buy back in.

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      • Funds are unloading everything right now. This is the beginning of Oct 2008 all over again. Next Monday could be really awful.

        I hope people have puts on the market for protection and or raised a lot of cash. It is possible DNDN trades to the low 30s if we get a 1000 point drop on Monday.

        Pimco says this sell off is the real deal and reason for worry.

      • the ceo and others in mgmt sold some shares in last 3-4 days. to be compliant with SEC, this means that they dont know any new material information not yet disclosed. which means that secondary is not planned, since that would be material information.