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  • pharmainvestor11 pharmainvestor11 Apr 29, 2011 10:53 AM Flag

    DNDN is going to be hit hard Tomorrow..

    Good many DNDN shareholders are not investors at all.

    Let us see what is going on:
    1. The good news
    - Provenge is potentially a revolutionary and survival extension drug with few sideeffects
    - Provenge is an immune boosting medication

    2. The bad news
    - DNDN management is a total POS, i.e., it is totally incompetent and overwhelmingly greedy
    - There are almost no clinical trial to support future Provenge use and marketing
    - Provenge supply is very limited now and for the next 12 months
    - DNDN has no marketing and/or promotion expertise and real sale capabilities

    3. The very bad news -- J&J Zytiga just got approved.
    - It is an immunosuppressant medication. It cannot be used with Provenge at the same time.
    - It is a pill and its supply is plentiful. Therefore, cancer patients will not wait for the Provenge availability and will start using Zytiga. These patients are lost for future Provenge use.
    - Zytiga are much cheaper with no need for insurers to pay additional doctors' administration fees. Consequently, insurers will strongly promoting Zytiga off-label use instead of using Provenge.
    - As for the ROW, J&J already has filled its marketing applications in Europe. As for DNDN, nobody sure when Provenge applications will be filled in Europe. J&J has all marketing, sale , and manufacturing force already in place in ROW but DNDN has nothing

    The bottom Line
    I am planning to short DNDN in the next few days.


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