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  • tjenk123321 tjenk123321 May 3, 2011 10:46 PM Flag


    A Buyout could occur at any time.

    In fact offers will probably come in now that Sales targets are roughly being met, debt is low, and the ramp up has yet to begin.

    A savvy acquirer could make an offer now, for under 10 Billion, come back and raise it to 10 billion by the end of the year and have all those Provenge revs with 3 facilities running by Jan 1 2012.

    All the work will already be done for them.

    The only problem is 10 Billion is a lot even for huge pharmas and smaller acquisitions may be easier to facilitate even though they won't bring in the elephants in revs.

    Dendreon is still undervalued, it should be at 50 by now and 75 by years end.