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  • bmcgoo_03 bmcgoo_03 Jan 11, 2012 7:47 PM Flag

    Big Gap

    What happens north of 15.00 ???
    Resistance is when there are previous buyers waiting to unload so they can break even.
    These were no buyers from 35 to 15.
    What happens when we hit that gap ???

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    • I was wrong. It took six weeks to test....

    • I'm just saying that going up double in a week, that there will be a pullback

      True ,,, but the fact is there is a boatload of money waiting to buy the dip and short shares are BORROWED and daddy wants them back.

    • I have traded since 1990. that is decades. Back then brokers didn't know what UGMA even meant and I'm 37. He could have been trading since he was 12. Yes, we have seen many stocks go up down and all around. Semiconductors in 1992-93 got killed and many went from under three bucks to 50+. Citi went from around 1 to 50 from 1991 to 2000, LVS went from under 3 to over 50 in the last 2 years. Vol is high and this can easily test 11 tomorrow or go to 30.... We all know that is true. Anybody who says different is lying or stupid.. The odds of it testing the 9-12 range in the next 4 weeks are 50-60%. The odds of it testing the 200 DMA or higher is probably the same. A long straddle here could be profitable both ways....

    • Trading for decades???? You are only 42. You have probably not seen too many stocks that fell from the $50's to single digits then began the march back up on solid growth news like DNDN had. Sorry, but the dynamics here make it impossible to predict where it is going to go but with 25 million shares and a break of resistance we could still move much higher before any pullback. Nothing is a sure thing but it is quite possible. We will see. $12 though, no way!

    • Thanks, I am not trying to bash...I am long all original shares and want this to go up. I'm just saying that going up double in a week, that there will be a pullback. Just be mentally prepared for it, and hold. This is justan attempt to get your shares cheap before they take it up even more.

      Just my opinion. I seen this many times.

    • We already broke resistance of $14. Next resistance is at $19 and $24. But they are both weak resistances, and we should see $35 in the short term. Enjoy!

    • technical players will look to the 23 area for resistance around the 200dma, nothing really before then

      The stock should trade back to where it spend about a year in the 30s

    • you want tomorrows scenario?

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      • It's a trade, don't marry it. The gap is only on paper, no magic amount that requires filling. However, assuming that shorts are half covered whick the charts indicate, they will let it run 15% or more and short those shares and a few more depending on the market momentum. I think that tomorrow 16.20-16.40 will be the open and a gradual decline after that back to within 5% of tonight ah close. These are my opinions, but I've been around for a few decades. Most "daytraders" never make it thru the first year without getting a "real" job, divorce, bankruptcy..etc. There is a fairly large float, thats bad. Insider buying, thats good. Momentum, thats good. Estimate 15 million shares still short, thats good. The more goods in a good column the better. If we had a lil news tomorrow it would blow thru my 16.20-16.40 range and may touch 17. We want it to grow slow if your investor, If your a trader you want it all now. I just make money going or coming. Its all good. HGSI will run for the rest of the week. CLDX has news any day now on 2 of there phase III's. REE has another 50% to climb this month to get back in line with the pda's and cell units sold. Good luck, Carna4z ps. ihub is an excellent board, I find yahoo more intertaining, IHUB more realistic on factual data. ;) ps. I am long sub $8 and added today on margin at 12.37, I will sell my margin account in the am.

    • I(t closes quickly IMO!