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  • llabtechtwo llabtechtwo Jan 14, 2012 12:34 PM Flag


    I should have been more specific and more general at the same time. To clarify, what I meant was that moving forward with immunotherapy (not just DNDN) is when is the optimal time to administer. From past mistakes in the lab (my own) I personally believe that to maximize benefits all immunotherapies should be used at the earliest possible stage. This opens a whole new realm in cancer treatement... eventual prevention.

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    • 20 yrs from now our grandchildren will be immunized for most cancers.

      Yes, I agree, the earlier phase of the disease will provide the greatest benefit. It's much harder to get those indication approved first by the FDA, so Dendreon has to work backwards with the sickest patients. IMO

      A successful NeoAct study with help with this process. If Provenge becomes the standard of care before Prostectomy, they would need more than the three production facilities. And yes I see this as a reasonable goal for Provenge.

      I would like to see a study of high risk patients, with a strong family history of prostate cancer, with a life time follow up;)