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  • wallstreetmd wallstreetmd Feb 7, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    Got sucked in $ 17.02

    You made a buy and had the guts to pull the trigger. If you can buy at these levels, buy more, the shorts are going to get slaughtered. This is headed higher. Sometimes after a huge move up, we did fall back a little!!!!! Still DNDN is going to go much higher. Even at the $17.02 you paid, it is going to look dirt cheap. This is a $50 stock in the short term. I have been buying since $6.75 and keep buying on many pull backs. Bought today early at $15.95 and then it went up and pulled back and I believe we should go up tomorrow. There is accumulation going on and even the new C.E.O. bought a lot of shares in the past week. Don't give up and don't listen to the loser shorts, Because they have been yelling since $6! Once they have to cover this stock, they are going to drive it up so high, that longs don't need to even join in. Good luck.