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  • getrichqk2 getrichqk2 Feb 11, 2012 1:07 PM Flag

    ok guys, I bought 150 FEB $14 call options

    I agree that it is so undervalued now, but I also caution too much optimism for a upside soon. Unless we have some big news like a firm buy out offer or some other positive news like huge Jan. sales numbers, it is quite possible that we will be in this seemingly long and protracted state of large short interest that keeps the price down for a long periods of time and only can be arrested by a few days of relief by some hedge fund giving up and deciding to cut their losses and cover their short position just like what happen last Monday.

    But I totally agree with your investing rationale that long term prospect is indeed very good, hence I decided not to trade my core position and just use call options to take advantage of this volatility. GL.