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  • durangokidd2106 durangokidd2106 Mar 9, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    Zytiga a monumental failure

    I see a great deal of misinterpretation of Zytiga's data here. To simplify it though one only needs to see that the trial was stopped early so that the placebo arm could enjoy the benefits as well. This step is not taken lightly and is not the companies call. Failure to recoginise the signifigance of this could cost you $$. Look at how the market reacted to this news, look at the rise of MDVN based on this news. Open your eyes folks and good luck.

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    • This is what I don't understand about the "market:" Provenge also was given to placebo patients in the form of Frovenge (frozen Provenge) in the course of the clinical trial, leading many to speculate that this move underestimated the median survival advantage of 4.1 months. J&J does the same thing in their clinical trial with Zytiga and we're supposed to believe that the market finds this as significant while Dendreon has gotten battered by shorts and sceptics over the past years for doing the same thing.

      There's a disconect here in how Provenge and Zytiga are viewed by the market that leads me to believe that eventually the facts will catch up with the hype and static and Provenge will be the PC patient's preferred treatment choice.

    • Durango -Since you think we are missing the point- Was the placebo arm getting Prednisone with a sugar pill-