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  • wcamp32000 wcamp32000 Jan 24, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Dendreon and Immunotherapy for Cancer Will Succeed

    Stevie Cohen had a shark,
    Its teeth were white as snow.
    But most the places Stevie went
    The shark would never go.

    It followed him to work one day,
    It never went again,
    For sharks have ethics, don't you know.
    And what it saw was sin.

    See, sharks just eat the food they need
    In order to survive.
    But hedge fund thugs eat all our lunch
    Then ask for more times five.

    Here's hoping the huge short position taken in Dendreon after the advisory panel's thumb's up of Provenge, a position so counter-intuitive that my jaw dropped and stayed there for days (until the FDA ruled against its own experts), will be the linchpin in the case that brings down Stevie and his cartel of investment pods, and sinks his old buddy Mikey Milken right along with him.

    "The public's faith in economic fair play is critical to the proper functioning of the capital markets." --Robert Khuzami

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