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  • bass45365 bass45365 Jan 26, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    ***HedgeFund's Have Pushed Short Interest To 47.2 Million (highest ever, by bass)...

    The short interest climbed another 2.6 million from Jan 2 - 15. That took about $16 million dollars to accomplish.
    Unlike the HLF CEO, J Johnson doesn't seem to care, isn't surprised, and hasn't said a word about the ever-rising short interest. A puzzling question is WHY? He has always stated that he has long term shareholder's interest at heart.
    If he really did, why hasn't he broke silence about it like the HLF CEO has?

    The fact short interest was 14 million in Aug 2011 on that fateful day when Dr. Gold pulled guidance and then ballooned to 18 million after his dreadful announcement is what TRIGGERED the price decline from $36 to $10. The short explosion triggered stoplosses, caused many devastated retail to sell as well as unsuspecting smaller institutions to sell.... This only exacerbated the stock price fall.
    Short interest continued to climb to 23 million in Oct 2011.
    to 31 million in Feb 2012 when Johnson was sworn in (although there was some purposeful HF short covering to push the price to $17), but then the short interest trend continued higher and higher till she reached 47 million in Nov 2012 and the stock price was depressed to below $4.

    And even TODAY, short Interest remains at an all time high of 47.2 million.

    Wallstreet obviously wanted to RESTRUCTURE SHAREHOLDERS as well..if you
    To go from 14 million to 47 million short across a 16 month period costs about $300 to $500 MILLION DOLLARS!
    That's more than enough to out power any retailer interested in buying the stock and becoming an investor, but why would they invest when the trend was down Down DOWN in 2012?
    More importantly, why would institutional holdings remain firm at 60% throughout the 2012 shananigans??
    Share this with everyone you know (and the IV Board please).
    BUY DNDN NOW (only invest what you can afford to lose).
    The stock has been driven down by wealthy hedgefund shorts from Feb 2012 ($17) to where it is today. Where will she be during the annual shareholder meeting in late June (only 5 months away)?
    Will John Johnson greet you face to face with the stock price still at $6 when it was $17 last Feb during his swear in?
    glta dying pc patients!
    ps: DNDN is a PEOPLE'S/RETAILERS STOCK, not a greedy wallstreet hedgefund/bank stock. Massive short selling is how hedgefunds drive down a stock price over time so they can accumulate. I'm just a novice still, but man have I learned a lot following dndn.
    Everyone has been through way to much, given the history of this company. Let's hope John Johnson ramps up sales ASAP for dying pc patients...versus listening to wallstreet who want to dragout their success out over TIME until after they accumulate all 154 million shares (like Deerfield just did with their 9 million passive share purchase).
    Tell everyone you know! and can someone post this on the IV Board? tia

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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