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  • gerrytacomi gerrytacomi Feb 14, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    Bass Just Emailed Me

    He emailed the following:

    "Expect the EU opinion next Friday, but expect wealthy hedgies to short the positive event. The stock will touch 7, but then drift back to high 6's again. Media articles will slant positive opinion as a negative giving hedgefund shorts the REASON to short and suppress any upward movement.
    Everyone, including the CEO at dndn just got their stock and options along with some hefty institutions like Deerfield, Blackrock, and Vanguard last month. They have 3 years to bring their large shareholders VALUE!
    The 50 million institutional shorts now also have 3 years before the convertible note is due on Jan 2016.
    The institutional shorts will not cover at all this year.
    Interest will remain high around 50 million until CEO Johnson provides guidance again sometime in early to mid- 2014. The hedgefund institutions want to wring out ALL long term retail investors and this goal began last year. Dr. Gold and CEO Johnson doesn't want the same ole complaining investors to attend and speak up at this years shareholder meeting in June.
    CEO Johnson only caters to top 10 institutional shareholders like Deerfield and Blackrock. This is only what CEO's do. It's called the 80/20 rule.
    After all retail is wrung out, the 50 million hedgie shorts will massively cover then sometime early next year and blow the stock price up to the high 20's, into the low 30's on the positive guidance news given by CEO Johnson in 2014. CEO Johnson's over deliver event. And it was due to the advertising and
    The stock price then climbs from there as dndn thrives each quarter thereafter and the stock price magically works its way past 51 on positive earnings each quarter thereafter.
    Once the stock hits above 51, JP Morgan converts their notes into 42.3 million shares and becomes the largest dndn shareholder. The other large noteholders follow suit and convert.

    By year end, 2014, DNDN is then owned by 90% institutional shareholders. And dndn still has market exclusivity for almost 8 more years from that point onward... until April 2022
    Then the media, Motley, Adam F, etc will tell everyone to BUY dndn then and all the wallstreet analysts will rate her a BUY with a 70 dollar price target ;o)
    en quote
    Hope you don't mind me posting this bass ;)

    Sentiment: Buy

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