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  • bass45365 bass45365 Feb 15, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    ***The Way Institutional Shorts Impact The Stock Bass...

    Given nearly 2.6 million additional shares worth about $16M "were illustrated" as being shorted from 1/15 to 1/31 (Visit the NASDAQ Site, type in DNDN,), realize this is only a DATA POINT IN TIME when the TOTAL short interest is tallied on the settlement date of 1/31 and then released on 2/11 for us to see (The next release date btw, is 2/27 for the period 2/1 to 2/15).
    The actual number of shares shorted can vary DAILY during a 2 week period...but again, we only can see what the total amount is on the settlement date and then we can calculate what the "point in time" increase was from the prior 2 weeks (eg: 47.2 million to 49.8 million).
    Because institutions can short whatever amount on a DAILY BASIS, they can make us believe whatever they want regarding general short interest trends, regarding Maxim's latest call (yes, they shorted to drive down the price yesterday) etc......
    The short interest trend with dndn obviously has been increasing since Feb, 2012 when short interest was 32 million and the stock price was $17. Today, the total short interest is 49.8 million and the stock price is $6.
    Here is some more history:
    The short interest back in Aug 2011 was only 14 million. When Gold pulled guidance, it blew up to 18 million during that 2 week period from Aug 1st to Aug 15, but realize that was only a data point in time on the release date of Aug 15. To take the stock price down from $36 to $11 on that fateful Aug 3, it may have taken more than 4 million shares shorted to flood and drive the stock price down big time!
    In October 2011, it was 23 million.
    In December 2011, it was 28 million.
    Covering occured in Feb, 2012 to catapult the price up to $17, but then short interest then blew up to 32 million and the trend continued month over month to todays total of 50 MILLION!

    Here's and interesting stat: Since Aug 2011, the monthly short interest has averaged a whopping 2 million share increase per month. And 2 million is only an average because again, we don't know how many shares are shorted and covered DAILY to manage the stock price the way institutions shorting see fit.
    We only see a "data point in time" every 2 weeks when institutional short interest is released for us to see.
    Sorry to sound repetitive here.
    So, remember, any downward movement in the stock price isn't always someone selling. Given the millions being shorted every 2 weeks, this has a dramatic influence on the stock price too.
    All these shorting shananigans, which is greater than the HLF debacle going on now.... and not a peep from CEO Johnson and not a single article (from CNBC, Adam F, Motley, or anyone) highlighting this.....all the while large institutions (Blackrock Inc, Deerfield, and Vanguard) are ACCUMULATING and now hold about 26 million all together ;o)
    Hope this helps someone out there in never never Yahoo land.
    Maybe the folks at Yahoo IT will get something from this too.
    Happy Friday ALL
    Glta dying pc patients!

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