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  • ducttapesolder ducttapesolder Apr 29, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Provenge Clinical Trials - 19 of them

    There are currently 11 studies involving Sipuleucel-T that are getting underway. 8 of those are actively recruiting, the other 3 should be starting soon. 4 of these studies are not sponsored by DNDN. 1 of the studies that is recruiting is related to Europe Manufacturing QA/QC. In addition to the 11 above there are 8 more that are active that are not recruiting patients. That is 19 studies in total.

    I think if the drug was a dud, there wouldn't be so much interest in looking it how it works, why it works, if it works better with other cancer meds or by itself, if it is also safe in EU and so forth and so on.

    The treatment works and they are trying to figure out why and how to make it work better.

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