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  • krav_nick krav_nick May 10, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    buy all you can buy

    The shorts want to cover on the cheap. Well its not going to happen The funds that are long and holding millions of short shares Are not going to just loose the #$%$. Thats why we see all the bad reports out and nothing about the good.

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    • I added 200 more shares a couple of weeks ago onto my 2500 shares already. At some point you need to stop chasing though. It's going to be an ugly morning. It's already down 18 cents in premarket trading, and you can buy it now for $3.85. My cost basis is pretty low, and I'm still down a chunk. If I don't see some significant improvement by 3Q earnings, I'm going to have to get out.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You never learn pokerpro. What did you hear that would make you believe that mgt is going to turn this around? You invest on hope and prayers but that doesn't work in the markets. You've already lost a ton of money on many different occasions with this one and also have a private lawsuit against the company. When is enough, enough? Sometimes you have to admit defeat and move on.'s that lawsuit going? DNDN already settled the main class action.

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      • I added 2000S yesterday . Doubled up. Not going to enjoy today.
        Two weeks ago PES,PKD were down hard as well and the past week came all the way back. These stocks are manipulated. I think (yes hope)lol DNDN will bounce back for those that are in around the $6s and under. The new price target is $6.50. For me that would be great. Others I know not nearly enough.
        TY for your opinions you seem to have a good grasp on this . GLTU