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  • hwmccusker hwmccusker May 10, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

    A “thrashing” post earnings but ..

    DNDN is DOWN -$0.07 to $3.96 post-earnings from a “thrashing”! Closed at $4.03 on 5/9/13 – let it free fall … but… could a potential $3.50 – $3.65 share price represent - a serious buying potential – I’d take that bet twice but with also a therapy pricing reduction – which I believe is coming!

    Pricing the therapy is still …the “electronic” collar on this dog’s neck! Love the cash position but hate the campaign to bury the company hoping the direct-to-consumer campaign which began in March to educating potential patients in the mCRPC market employing enhanced sales messaging responds better with customers … for the quarter for Dendreon was absolutely dreadful. Revenues completely fell apart, falling well below even the most bearish of analysts’ and whisper numbers. The company’s Q2 revenue guidance detailed another year-over-year drop. The company also burned through a substantial portion of its cash and investments pile. Xtandi is approved for patients who haven’t been helped by chemotherapy. Zytiga and Xtandi are pills, while Provenge is given in three infusions over the course of four weeks. Provenge is approved for men whose cancer has spread elsewhere in the body and has not responded to hormone therapy or radiation. It is designed to train a patient’s immune system to fight prostate cancer and a round of treatment costs $93,000. All the negativity will drive DOWN the stock

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Pricing is not an issue as insurance covers the cost. No as far as it may be an issue for the doctors to lay out the money in advance, a 10 or 20k reduction wouldn't really help their cash flow issues very much. But it would kill their paltry margins.