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  • mattharper89 mattharper89 May 31, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    July in Vegas

    If dndn gets eu approval, no make that when eu approval is announced, I'm planning to fly to Vegas to celebrate .. Luxor get my room ready. I will be there this summer.

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    • Enjoy those penny slots.....LMMFAO!

      • 1 Reply to jupiterpbc
      • I'll be laughing all way to the bank... “These studies help us understand how PROVENGE may be combined or sequenced with other advanced prostate cancer treatments,” said Mark Frohlich, M.D., executive vice president of research and development and chief medical officer at Dendreon. “We are also pleased with the preliminary data demonstrating that the antigen-presenting cell activity of DN24-02 for HER2+ urothelial cancer is similar to that of PROVENGE. The data highlight the promise of our active cellular immunotherapy platform and furthers Dendreon’s position as a leader in personalized cancer therapies.”

        Kindergarten translation.. Dndn will be expanding into other cancer treatments.. A leader with "right formula" or technologies to treat cancers( multiple kinds) .. Marketing, cogs reducing etc.. June may only pop 1 dollar but dndn in next year or less should be multiples of current price.. Anyone short is risking a lot to make a few pennies .. Bottom has been tested and up it goes!