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  • dorje_mind dorje_mind Jun 19, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    feel it in my bones .


    dndn is future...

    future is NOW.

    recovery is "IN PROCESS"..

    expect a 15% recovery..IMO...short term

    long term..."knock knock, knocking on heavens DOOR"

    semper fi

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • what recovery? provenge sales have declined 20% since CEO Johnson took control and the stock has plunged substantially more on a steady stream of problems. now with a competitor taking away post-chemo market share and that competitor (MDVN) being on the verge of EU approval (and expanding quickly... Japan, Latin America, Canada, etc), you foresee a turnaround in revenues? provenge is a "business" failure and the company will be forced to significantly dilute shareholders to keep the doors open. from the management perspective, the sooner they raise capital the better price they can get for the new shares issued. waiting till year-end to raise more operating capital will be highly detrimental to shareholders and probably force them to issue even more new shares than they would if they addressed their future capital needs now.