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  • truthbtold1967 truthbtold1967 Jun 28, 2013 1:27 AM Flag


    I.free56 is pretending to be a DNDN Long so when he bashes Dendreon, his statement appear to be genuine. Unfortunately for him, I am certified in writing analysis and I have carefully read all of his posts just to prove my own speculation, his wording doesn't match up to be a sincere supporter of Dendreon. In one post he claims "us longs ", making a feeble attempt to be a DNDN Long while angry at the Company because they have failed him. Then in another post he stumbles and states, "your followers have followed you to the poor house". He should be referring to himself and using "we" or "us". It is clearly evident, he has an agenda and it isn't to watch Dendreon PPS rise. He uses the referral of the PPS falling from $50 to only $3 quite often. So, In my summation, one of the following is FACT....... A) i.ftree56 invested in Dendreon two years ago, bought in at $40+ and watched the pps fall to just under $4.00 and is very angry with himself because he made a very poor investment choice, so in vengeance he is taking out his frustration on the current shareholders. B) i.free56 is extremely jealous because we are talking about having purchased DNDN Shares at rock-bottom and historic Lows of $3.90 and he is fully aware of our current Gains and knows where we are soon headed, while he is sitting on the sidelines, pouting. C) i.free56 is a FAILED investor, spending every waking hour attempting to lead novice investors away from a possible good return on their investment. D) i.free56 is a DNDN Basher, disguising himself as a spurned Long who bought in at $50 and is now claiming that February 2014 the PPS will be $1.00, urging novice shareholders to Sell. In any event, a person who is supposedly that down on such a horrible and "Dead" company spends an awful lot of time on their message board....Make your own logical assessment friends, I found the truth with some simple research and analogy.

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