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  • terragord7 terragord7 Aug 10, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

    Bernstein top analyst ranks dndn as outperforms 08092013

    Was on bloomberg terminal this morning. Key issue is acceleration penetration in urology accounts and large accounts.EU approval soon and no long term cost effect there. Eu partnership soon. Remember urology sector up 37percent best ever. Large account up greatly. Promising use of zytiga with Provenge. Potential improvement top line and bottom line target 19 to 26. All that on Bloomberg from different articles different professional writers not unknown cockroaches hiding not from light but from truth.. Reminds me of ford when at bottom cockroaches insisted company was doomed while sales down 30 percent from year before but were blind to the new cars coming under their noses with escape fusion fiesta . Same #$%$ here in fact they get shares for their bosses

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    • Ford was a bad analogy. When the economy tanks so do car sales. They were all near death. When the credit freeze happened no one could get a car loan to buy a car. Ford was in the best financial shape than the rest at that time. You are comparing cars to a bio stock lol. Don't you think this company would have been bought out already if anyone wanted it? Any serious offers would have had to been made public by mgt. if you don't see an offer at current levels, that just solidifies everything I just said. You moronic longs just refuse to open your eyes and admit you made a mistake with this one. It's your all means lose it all.

    • Best post of the week.....thanks!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • george4777 Aug 10, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

      Good, maybe it prevent the Monday sell off part 2

    • Have to admit did not get part of Provenge no long term cost effect in Europe while part of acute care I think one knowledgeable writer was saying. However big healthcare consultant there and me nobody. So took it for granted

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