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  • manfrombeach manfrombeach Aug 10, 2013 9:45 PM Flag

    Looking For Reasons to DOUBLE-DOWN on DNDN...


    OK, there is definately "blood running down the streets" near DNDN's Seattle headquarters. The crowd is "fearful and selling in a panic." If you were to follow Warren Buffet's advice, NOW is the time to get greedy and buy when others are selling... Wall Street always overreacts and takes a stock down TOO low on bad bews

    Buy WHAT are the reasons to DOUBLE-DOWN on DNDN right now?

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    • Don't do it. Always put things in context before making a decision based on blanket advice.

      The one major difference between buying DNDN and some other stock/calls is that Provenge most likely doesn't work. Even Blackberry sells a product that works. Also, Palm sold a workable product before its demise. Dendreon doesn't stand a chance of survival when people (rightly so) doubt Provenge's effectiveness.

      BTW, Buffet's advice wasn't targeted at tech companies. He himself said he knows nothing about technology...and has kept away.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • There aren't any reasons to buy this stock even at these levels. It's going much lower.