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  • bass45365 bass45365 Aug 30, 2013 10:34 AM Flag


    is a hedgefund/big bank TOOL to manipulate the stock price downward. If you comprehend the short selling process, its all supply/demand that manages a stock price. Notice, the 54 million have not covered to profit....It's just been a steady rise of interest over time.

    Some DNDN Short Interest History:
    *Short interest in dndn went from 9 million back in early 2011 to 14 million just before Gold locked *shareholders in and announced guidance withdrawal on Aug 2011.
    *Interest moved to 18 million immediately afterward.
    *Then climbed to 23 million in Oct 2011
    *To 32 million in March 2012
    *To 54 million today.

    Tracking short interest over the last 24 months saw short interest rise nearly 2 million shares per month, month over month (as the stockprice declined) to where she stands today at 54 million. This prolonged bear raid is strategic, allows incentivizing 1000's of more shares to be distributed to CEO's, his new exec team (for which they received in early Jan this year) and to his newly hired employees (eg: sales), etc... ect..
    We are in Year 1 again as we started anew with the planted wallstreet CEO.

    All the while the stock price declined from $57 to $36 to where she stands today..
    All the while institutional holdings steadily increased; especially with Vanguard accumulating 8.5M throughout 2012!
    Remember, ignore any author that tells you about how "shorts will be burned" by short squeezes! rofl
    You can't burn mega-wealthy mega billion dollar entities/banks because $600M-$700M (the approximate value of 54M short) is POCKET-CHANGE TO THEM!!!!!
    Everything CEO's and wallstreet does is STRATEGIC and planned well in advance.
    The strategic plan to drive out old time retailers over TIME, pay em off in a lawsuit settlement, but their large institutions accumulated & got the shares sold (especially during the August 3, 2011 short selling BEAR-RAID..... has worked to a TEE!
    Onward DNDN goes as the next CELGENE! Tell all you know

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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