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  • truthbtold1967 truthbtold1967 Oct 27, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    Trader1up is already at the Bargaining stage of his Grief.... he insists to the DNDN long holders, "Sell on Monday's bounce before there's more bad news" This is very typical of someone that is delusional and feels trapped in the corner. He is probably pacing in his room wearing out the carpet, back and forth, back and forth, desperately trying to make Monday mornings opening bell not arrive. He is most likely making deals with God and testing numerous superstitions. Unfortunately for Trader1up, he is cooked. He has failed and he knows nobody is listening to him and his frustration grows and grows until step 4 of the grief process ultimately breaks through,... Depression. This is evident when he will no longer care about personal hygiene (He wont shave, bathe, wash his hair, brush his grimy teeth nor will he change his clothes), He will sleep longer and eat less, he will watch mindless television programs on syndication all day. Until one day, many, many weeks away he will rise from his foggy slumber and realize the truth, "I Shorted Dendreon.....What a fool I am" and the final stage of grief is Acceptance. This goes for RobGolden and all of the short/bashers that spewed nonsense for the last six months. We WIN!