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  • truthbtold1967 truthbtold1967 Jan 24, 2014 5:58 PM Flag

    Researching DNDN on this Message Board?....DIngle is a proven Paid Basher

    I guess he would make claims that the Earth is Flat if the pay was right. Please take notice Dingle posts non-stop, everyday making the same talking points, most of which are not factual or half truths. Do you own research and invest wisely. If you look closely, he always refers to Dendreon "Past" failures and will never discuss September 2013 going forward when DNDN reinvented themselves with, EU approval, Most patient enrollments in 4th Quarter than any other time in 2013, 100 Large accounts in 4th Quarter compared to 54 in 1st Q, 31 new net accounts in 4th Quarter, Hired JP Morgan to find a suitable buyer, Buyout/Partnership looming, Pipeline including Neuvenge which has had very positive early trial results, Net product revenue for the quarter is expected to be approximately $74.8 million, up 10.1%, Provenge has the highest Demand during the last Quarter which will grow larger with patient and physician education, and DNDN share price is +25% since October 2013. Fact upon fact upon fact.

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    • He is still on this board? I guess he is since people keep mentioning him. I have him on ignore. I figure since he is a paid basher, he gets paid by the post and paid more if people respond to him or post topics mentioning him. If people only used ignore....sigh. Congrats for enabling bashers instead of using ignore.

    • dingle_will_remain_short
      1197 posts - Member since: Jan 14, 2014

      And this is just one of his IDs

    • "he always refers to Dendreon "Past" failures and will never discuss September 2013 going forward "

      Of necessity, facts exist only in the past. Statements about the future can only be speculation. I thought you were a fan of facts, truthbtold.

      • 2 Replies to jimdean93055
      • Also, is a company's failures or shortcomings from 6-24 months ago relevant? Not in this business, It's the "Now", and going forward. If Dingle wants to continue to rant about Dendreons failures from 1 or 2 years ago, then let him burn his energy doing so, I just can't waste my time with that kind of nonsense which proves nothing about "Today" and changes nothing about "Tomorrow". If you want to talk about the last Quarter which is pertaining to the transformation of Dendreon, then I don't think Dingle can say too much. A 25% gain in PPS, European Approval which now makes a total of over 824,000,000 Million people that have access to Provenge, 4th Quarter Revenue increased, over $125 Million in cost cutting which will be significant and noticed by 1st Quarter earnings, Demand of Provenge is highest ever which is attributed to patient and physician education, 100 Large accounts in 4th Quarter compared to 54 during 1st Quarter, 31 New Net Accounts in 4th Quarter, Buyout/Partnership looming, JP Morgan hired to find a suitable Buyer for the company, Numerous drugs in the Pipeline including Neuvenge, and Neuvenge an Immunotherapy for Bladder cancer has had very positive early trial results, scientists claim. 4th Quarter wasn't significant ? Dendreon reinvented themselves in 4th Q 2013, while this will put Dendreon on a path to profitability in 2014. If you take off the Blinders, it's not very hard to decipher.

      • Yes, but Dingle either IGNORES or never discusses FACTS from September going forward, including EU approval which now means over 824,000,000 Million people will now have access to Provenge, 4th Quarter Demand for Provenge highest levels, Highest Patient enrollments during 4th Quarter during any time in 2013, 31 new Net accounts in 4th Q, Neuvenge early trial results which have been very positive, pipeline drugs, 100 Large accounts in 4th Quarter compared to 54 in 1st Quarter, over $125 million in cost cutting which results will be noticed by 1st Quarter, hiring JP Morgan for buyout, Partnership/Buyout possibilities, Provenge Demand increased in 4th Quarter, 4th Quarter revenues increased, and since October DNDN share price is +25%, all Facts and all Dingle can claim "$40-$3" or "No Demand for Provenge" which is inaccurate by 4th Quarter Results.
        "No Demand for Provenge" ?? Oh really, LOL... It's clowns like him that WILL get burned with that mentality, ignorant and unwilling to see the writing on the Wall. Dingle talks of "Past" failures and Will Never discuss the Positive turnaround and the way Dendreon has reinvented themselves. All I care about is "recent" past, not 8-24 months ago. In this business, son, that is a lifetime. Keep in mind this Fact, most businesses Fail before they succeed. Donald Trump was on the verge of financial ruin during the 80's between numerous bankruptcies and foreclosures but he reinvented himself just like Dendreon is slowly doing during the 4th Quarter, going into the 1st Quarter. Soon to be profits and Double Digits. You don't have to believe or agree with me, but rest assured it will happen.

    • HE IS NOT PAID!!!! THATS HIS DREAM TO GET PAID!!!! HE IS A LONG THAT GOT BURNT BAD BY DNDN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

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