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  • ciaxgbby ciaxgbby Jun 28, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    Momentum picking up

    Holding up well technically, Got upgraded to buy at allotcbb website with the 0.0007 target price in short term.

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    • Are you kidding me? It's amazing they haven't gone under With the poor communication Of the owner and What's really going on behind the scenes Which why this thing can't get off the ground. Do any of you ever really do your homework or you just feeding of the frenzy of the hope and a prayer that this thing is going to Be properly managed Enough to be marketed. The disorganization of this company is atrocious have any of you ever seen what goes on up in Canada? I highly doubt it.
      With this company needs is someone who can actually manage And give a true news report other than a bunch of is bogus going to do this or maybe this will happen everything is speculation get the proven themselves over and over again they cannot even manage simple communication Much less market their own product. If they believe in themselves this would have taken off long ago.
      Before any of you make your accurate if comments I highly suggest you do your real homework other than feeding off of a bunch of other false Post and reports and supposed newsletters That blow smoke up your #$%$. I do research on companies like this and actually go to places to find out what's really going on And find out whos ripping who off. Take a look at the financials, As I stated before when they claimed they have acquired the building, All bogus material. Again do your homework before you read anything from this company.