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  • flyfree155 Sep 6, 2013 10:54 PM Flag

    Lawsuit against ZLC

    This is not good for people that are long. Whenever your the defendant you always pay specially if your settling. I wonder how much ZLC will end up paying Sterling. This is the case of the $5 billion company Sterling crushing the $500 million Zales. I bet Sterling would have bought out ZLC if the stock stayed at $5 but now they are going to just crush the competition so they can be a monopoly. ZLC management tried to stop the buyout by pumping their shares. Now they are going to learn a hard lesson. The same thing happened with Microsoft if they couldn't buy the company they would just sue it until it failed.

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    • You draw a great many unsubstantiated and dire conclusions from an announcement about a lawsuit settlement that was short on details, and that the market is far more likely to take positively than negatively. That said, I do not expect the settlement to affect the stock price very much one way or another on Monday because the lawsuit always was a minor kerfuffle about a bit of marketing puffery on Zale's part. Simply put, the lawsuit was merely one player in the space using attorney's to keep a competitor within the same space honest. Happens all the time. So, just how many shares short are you?

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      • flyfree155 Sep 7, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

        I was only able to pick up 1000 shares that was a struggle because there is so much HFT in this stock. For the 1000 shares I had to drop the price $0.10 from current Market price. I am not here to fight people but ZLC will be paying Sterling something. It will most likely be in the millions because the only one that wins if it is less than that is the lawyers.