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  • cwtripps cwtripps Dec 13, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    cwtripps bullcrap aside where do you see

    hey dude...i posted days ago this is the most exciting penny play i've seen in a decade and so far it looks like i am right

    others have quietly seen it

    i believe it will go to 2....then get an amex listing and road show of course bu don't know where price will be before they get it.

    they will raise money along the way...the filing to raise authorized, etc is out there and people bought the news. raising money will be looked at as a good thing because i believe the tech is real and the backing of real. wall st is hoping to get in this and to push this

    i DO see a possibility of 10-20 in a year to 2 if they execute

    it will cost money to get this into stores, etc. don't worry. wall st is cool with that. its all about backing a growing company

    i see the product in pro, college and high school sports...eventually sold at major chains

    with any FDA route it COULD be a 50 buck stock someday

    PS...VHC went from 20 c to 20 bucks...check it out. it CAN happen but is rare