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    • I've been in for a while, bought the first batch at 18 cents, second batch at .23, third at .315, fourth at .439, and didn't get filled today at .75.

      so I'm waiting to pounce tomorrow in a small way, maybe just 400 shares to add, but more if it starts a move up.

      I suppose most of you posters have looked in to the possibilities of this company. And judging by some of the posts I read, some haven't.

      I'll expose myself. Have been a trader for 25 years. Won some, lost some, but all totaled it's been a fun and prosperous ride.

      I liken what COULD happen with this company to an embryo, in that it is not born yet. Yet the pregnancy is near full term.

      When I bought at .18, the average volume was less than 200,000 shares per day. So yeah, when you see two days recently with over 10 million shares traded, the baby is due.

      Now I'll address what many may be thinking. Will the product work? Well, is green mountain coffee better than Maxwell House? to some it is, to others no big deal. Yet GMCR rocketed to what, nearly 120 bucks per share, and yes, way overdone.

      Energel will work for some, probably most. How do I know, I don't, not until I get my own and then repost the results.

      And if the newborn baby just stays in the crib with only the energy aspect, you could see 20 bucks per share, maybe more, it's a hot little segment.

      But if you've done your homework, you know this company will rise to adolescence with proprietary delivery systems for skin care, hair care, vitamin delivery, medicinal delivery, nutritional delivery, and more.

      The kid will grow to a goodly size before it is swallowed up, and it will be most likely. At 35 dollars per share, that's my guess.