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  • hepa1 hepa1 Dec 20, 2011 2:19 PM Flag

    The lead scientist is ncredibly positive: see quote below and yet we selloff 20%!!

    Something does not smell right here: Judge for yourself!

    We are extremely passionate about our work in this area," said Ed Maliski , Ph.D. & Lead scientist. "Our work is born out of diabetes sufferers on staff who are committed to advancing these platforms with sense of urgency. We have produced significant results with our OFD work and feel very confident at this stage with our ability to advance these project platforms."

    "We continue to be very deliberate and focused with every step we take as a company and our efforts in the OTC and Pharmaceutical space represents the foundation to our long term focus," added Tuffin. "These actions in combination with the with the long awaited, Powered by Fuse™ EnerJel™ launch on December 30th, 2011 at are calculated steps in our effort to create long term shareholder value."

    Why would any stock sell off? should not FUSE be UP 20%!!!!!!

    This is ridiculous!!!!!!!

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    • Here are some things to consider.

      They have no distribution
      Why can't a pharma company create the same delivery platform
      Their President and executives all come from a consumer products background? What do they know about selling pharma products? Do they have any relationships with pharma companies to get sales going? Do they have a patent? They are selling two products into 2 completely different markets. Athletes and diabetics. They each require separate marketing and sale forces, distribution channels and R&D efforts. Monster/Hansen only focused on 1 market--the xtreme sport market and they were successful. Fuse is not focused. A sport tranasdermal product would and should be the way to go 1st given what Enterjel is designed for and also because of the sponsors they have. The stock witll continue to drop ..unforunatley. They should just focus on the sports market

    • These are forward looking statements. The reaction to the news should tell you that you must separate the company's statements from the actually trading of the stock. Why? Because there are no sales, advertising and profits yet so that means the stock just trades as a speculative instrument, it's sort of like, the stock's trading habits are separate and apart from the company, as a whole. So, if you want to make money with this stock, you must just deal with the stock price as it exists as a trading vehicle and separate your passion for the company which is based on your hopes and dreams. To do this successfully is not easy but it was obvious to me that once the stock sold off frommthem1.25 level, it would probably fall back to where either rally began or the level beneath where the most support exists and that's in the mid-forties. There's no rush. If you like it here, buy some not all. Wait until the stock shows you where it's going. When you have bought all you want, wait patiently for those hedge fund orders. They will be back and you will be rewarded as they rally this stock. I hope I have been helpful. Good trading. Again, don't fall in love with your stocks.

    • Guy's this is a penny stock, the only play / gamble here is the long term...they need 6-8 quarters of real results in order to see legitimate movement. If you're playing with a few thousand shares for .20 cent pops, I feel bad for you. Buy it and hold it, if you can't afford the bet, get out.

    • "Our work is born out of diabetes sufferers on staff" ??

      Wow... that's convincingly deep. Question is, how many diabetes sufferers do they have on staff ?

    • I know man...this is very strange..I am holding, but ??

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