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  • cwtripps cwtripps Dec 28, 2011 3:29 PM Flag

    Fuse Sciences patents/ patent applications...?

    where did they claim they got patents??

    first off patent pending stuff not accepted yet won't show up

    #2 they can easily trademark stuff and not have to several formulas, etc just like COCA COLA DOES

    you cannot patent vitamin and herbs

    something can be proprietary and not patentable . or they can choose to keep it out of patent rolls so no know can see their tech or unique application . coca cola does this and so do many others

    so the brand becomes trademarked and protected

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    • In Fuse Science, Inc. most recent 10Q in section #3. I quote "The Company has completed its acquisition of Fuse Science, Inc., which is a development stage company with no prior operations. FUSE has a patent pending system including manufactured thin film incorporating natural and synthetic active ingredients that when applied in conjunction with heat and moisture increase the overall health and beauty of your skin."

      Directly from the USPTO website under their FAQ's.
      Q: 1. What do the terms “patent pending” and “patent applied for” mean?
      A: "They are used by a manufacturer or seller of an article to inform the public that an application for patent on that article is on file in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The law imposes a fine on those who use these terms falsely to deceive the public."

      This means that when you search Fuse Science, Inc. in an application should be found but nothing comes up.