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  • pete_the_piker pete_the_piker Dec 31, 2011 11:12 PM Flag

    Why would Woods risk it if this werent real?

    Why would Tiger Woods risk his reputation any further by getting involved in what many detractors on this board call a scam?? Sure, he might be hard up for cash but this deal isnt all that big unless of course the product is real. I guess we will know shortly whether actual product is delivered and if it is well received. Until then, I dont see any reason for all the bashers to keep posting all the negative crap. If I were a basher I would be cheering for this to become a marginable stock and therefore be shortable.

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    • dude he signed a deal with ROLEX before FUSE

      ignore the bashers

      ever hear of rolex?

    • First of all, I don't think Tiger would get involved if he suspected wrongdoing ...why would he? You're right. And it's only bashing if you are relaying information that you know is not true in order to destroy something. I've been pointing out problems that I found and I sold my stock after I started digging into it...I just want to let people know they should check into it. Call the company and talk to should be able to do that, but it's not so easy with Fuse or the people in charge. Look into a company called ZBEST from around 20 years ago. Total company, no headquarters, no customers, no nothing. And it was actively traded on Nasdaq and owned by large fund managers. See also Caribean Cigar, another fraud. This stuff happens. But don't bet your money based on the fact that Tiger would never make a mistake...he is just human, as we found out a couple of years ago.