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  • winston10024 winston10024 Jan 3, 2012 8:54 AM Flag

    $1.50 by friday --

    buy buy buy -- markets will roar this week -- buy drop and nsrs nowwwww

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    • Super, leave now, you won't be missed.

    • oooops, oh well, more pumping hype falling flat. sorry if you bought on this hype.

    • Friday is here and we're in the $.40s as predicted. If its NOT "rocket science" and you're trying to dumb it down why does fuse claim "revolutionary", "proprietary", "amazing", "patent pending", etc...

      sounds like two different things. you now claim its just a dumb supplement but fuse claims otherwise. Monster energy or 5hr energy did not make claims that it was going to 'change the world' like fuse has/does. Thats the difference u moron.

      Go to the home page and endulge yourself. you tell me what the revolutionary science is? you tell me how its going to change the world? I can't find ANY data that supports their claims. Obviously you can't either thats why you're trying to dumb it down. Who is the joke when you can't produce one piece of data to show that any athlete uses this bologna outside of a staged interview? You can't produce nor can anyone show one sliver of evidence that backs their "scientific" claims. They say this is a game changer so show us? They don't, you can't and no one can, thats why this company is a hoax

    • Here is the most recent hype post followed by attempts to convince us that it is valid. What a joke. Got a long way to go by tomorrow. Keep reading past posts. You will see a pattern of pump pump and more pump.

    • You are a joke buddy. You literally have no idea what you are talking about and you answer every question asked with the same ridiculous diatribe about them not having a patent which isn't even true. It's an energy supplement company. It's not rocket science nor does it need to be. It's a big market. Did 5hr energy have these things you are asking for? Did red bull? Did vitamin water? Endulge me...

    • Speaking the truth is sometimes hard medicine but you'll figure it out as this keeps DROPping. If DROP published any data or hard evidence or third party reviews that have examined their 'change the world' claims/technologies then I would be inclined to give it a shot. But when you have a company making claims it can't support and their only hope is celebrity endorsement then it clearly has no substance. Give me break, no patents, no data, no third party reviews, NO NOThING and this is why the stock will go back to NOTHING.

      good luck you're gonna need it

    • I get it...youre a Callaway guy and you hate tiger as you've said in past posts. Hes sorry and he never meant to hurt you. Let's establish credibility on your side though...who is a better endorsement?...tiger or Phil?

      Back to what I was saying before. This is an energy supplement company and I personally like the concept of being able to take a droplet rather than guzzling down an energy drink while I am playing a sport. I think it makes sense and the consumer will adopt it. Especially when you have sports icons doing and using the same thing. It makes a lot of sense. This isn't a shell company as they are selling and shipping product. If you pay attention to the order's...meaning if you look at the shipping order on the first day vs what # they are on would mean they are in the 10's of thousands in the first weekend which ain't bad in the first weekend of sales of what is supposed to be the less attractive of their products. So...let's just all try to be a little truthful here. If you are on this board to save people and have them put their money into Nike, I say thanks for the help, but I'm ok for now...

    • i can't imagine anyone realistically believing a $50mm mkt cap company trading on the pink sheets is not speculative. Furthermore, I personally did not long this (lower i might add) off the pharmaceutical application...that too i think is a bit far-fetched to me, but what do i know? I think you harp too much on that. This company should be bought and sold currently on the energy supplement story. This is a huge market and the DROP product sounds fairly promising if it does what it says it can do...which i believe it will, because otherwise...what is the point for management to even go through this? It's not like they can sell their stock yet when it is restricted....the only way they make money is if the product is adopted by the consumer, and considering the firepower they have behind it...i don't think it is too far-fetched to see that happen. Just my opinion...who knows?

      On your example on spongetech...correct me if i'm wrong, but werent they paying the sports teams for advertising? That's kind of a big difference then giving them ownership in the company.

      On my examples, no i don't think those companies would have that sort of mkt cap if they didnt have data to support them...but...again, drop is about 1/20th the size, so therefore the point is moot.

      Sounds like you belong talking about AAPL, ORCL, IBM, and other companies that are proven already. Sure, they may have 20% upside in a good year, but at least they aren't speculation stocks, right? I

    • did I say $.40 by Friday? I was being conservative, look for $.20 as the sell volume continues.

      its over

    • if a market maker let it go down (as you say dummy) then how are they going to make money tomorrow or the next day? You obviously have no idea what a real market maker does, how they interact with broker dealers or why its in their best interest to string pumpers along. The longer they string you out with volume the more they make, any first timer who doesn't understand the basics of finance should not be betting on spec shells.

      the sell volume on this stock will only increase despite the fluffy PRs. Funny how DROP doesn't post the amazing sales numbers from their enormous opening day which supposedly caused a server outage. Once again proving that disclosure of data to back up any claims is non-existent.

      you use terms that you have no idea the meaning of or relevant context. Quit watching Cramer and put your money into real companies, with real products, with real data and real results.

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