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  • roiledrhino43 roiledrhino43 Jan 6, 2012 2:55 PM Flag

    Advertising needed

    As someone on this board pointed out, being on Amazon doesn't mean much unless people are aware of that and want to seek out your product. The company has signed up a lot of stars but has anyone seen them onnTV or Cable or heard them plugging Fuse on radio or in magazines? How else can Fuse make real money. Now, maybe they're not well-funded or their plan is to wait before releasing the hounds but, as of now, we've got a stock that is coming down soon. How low will it go before the big guys come in, nobody knows. I had an order in at the mid 30s but I'm doubtful as to how far we will go down and so I'm aside still. I do not want to catch the falling knife.

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    • it really great to see Tiger putting FUSE all over his health/nutrition/fitness portion of the website and blog...oh wait, its not there...and he makes no mention of how using it has changed his regimen.

      too funny, just a stock paid pumper and not even a good one at that

      short interest is now over half of the volume...look at below!

    • no ads until energy drops come out. stay long and dont worry, it does no good

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      • its amazing how everyone wants Everything that a fortune 500 company can DROP today.

        patience folks my god!!!! there are about 100 more steps they will be doing in the years ahead

        load up while you can off the non stop bashing going on

      • You either in this name to trade so use charts and technical analysis or sell after any news release as that is normally the case for start up, get the pop and the run up prior then dump on news. Or you will just have to wait this out until April at least ie)Augusta, no point advertising and spending money that you dont have if you're not ready and DROP will need to come out and also they would need to make sure they can actually produce the product of some mass which i doubt yet and would expect another fund raise b4 that could occur. For example where is it made China or Florida? And just how much product can they have in inventory, I'd say no more than 10,000 or so. Hence no point advertising until they can feed the buyers...