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  • hepa1 hepa1 Jan 6, 2012 11:06 PM Flag

    i was right. Massive dilution. Shares outstanding has now increased from 90 million to 110 million!

    the idiots running this comapny are screwing us shareholders and lining their pockets. massive selling by management, plaer endorses and vendors.

    Folks we are FU*(*!!!!

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    • Only you are ' FU*(*!!!!' A lot of investors have been making money for a year now including myself from pps,002 and now ,50!!! lol
      And more to come! Join us and feel better about yourself. Even better use some Enerjel on your posting fingers, it will relieve your hate.

    • read Proverbs 6:16 you may not care or know it but you are dealing with the devil.

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      • So for the record, there are 90 million shares outstanding which is about right for a start-up with great prospects. The price action has been very predictable with the exception of the big run-up on December 13th. I truly believe that .43-.59 is a great entry level for any investor who can see beyond next week to what's happening here. I have talked to vendors who are working on products for Fuse and they tell me that everything is a go in early 2012. I also believe that the retail prices will be attractive and will leave Fuse with nice margins to with which to employ new marketing avenues and product lines. Long and strong.

    • Hepa, I think it's time you sell your position. You are too emotionally attached to this stock. You stated a while back that you have 59,000 shares at a NAV price of .46, yesterday's closing price was .45. You are down $500. If this is too much for you to handle get your money out.

      I do not know your trading history but Pink Sheet companies move around a lot. Just because a stock comes down does not mean that "Mgmt" is lining their pockets and sticking it to the shareholders. It means that the stock went down.

      If you look at the last 25 trading days you will see an upward spike and then re-tracement. This gave you ample opportunity to do many different things.

      1. Book a profit in the 90's
      2. Get back in, in the 40's
      3. Add to your position if your are long on the dips in the 40's.
      4. Go short if you thought it was going down once it hit the .90 + level.

      Stocks will not continue to simply appreciate in value without some kind of re-tracement, especially Pink Stocks. They have to fill in the gap create a foundation that will enable them to take the next leg up. If you have noticed, .45 has been a solid floor that the stock struggles to break thru downward (this is a good thing), it sets the floor to build higher. Now, I am not saying it will not go below .45, it definitely can, but there has been strong resistance at this level.

      DROP, diluting shares? Absolutely, they have to. They have no current revenue, how else are they going to pay for the development of their product/production etc..? They have diluted/sold shares into the market over the past month.

      The concern comes in when they have diluted most of their A/S and then increase the A/S. This has not happened. In December the dilution was 16M shares 93M O/S at the start of December to the current 110M O/S. The A/S is still 400M. Additionally, on Dec. 1st the stock closed at .425, yesterday .45 a 6% gain over 25 trading days and 16M new shares entered the market, 5% of the unissued shares. 5% dilution is not what I call MASSIVE. If this were a shady company they could have dumped 100M/200M/300M shares leading into their first product launch. They did not.

      If this is to much volatility for you, pick something more predictable like GE, MS, WMT, KMP and do not invest in the Pinks.

      If your rants continue, you just might be the first person who I hit the ignore button on.

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      • Cocomo,
        Mgt. has said that the core of Fuse is in their drop technology for licensing in the pharma arena. They have gone so far as mentioning specifically ... otc aspirin, and drop technology in place of injections for diabetes ... do you feel that Fuse will land these licensing quests, (do you even feel there are on-going trials)?? If any of this does come to pass, does not this take Fuse to an entirely new level in every sense of the word? What's your take on Fuse and big pharma?