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  • notoriousbono notoriousbono Jan 7, 2012 1:19 PM Flag

    i was right. Massive dilution. Shares outstanding has now increased from 90 million to 110 million!

    what hepa the basher fails to mention is this is not that massive of fact its expected and needed

    he also fails to realize that all that cash goes into FUSE's coffers to grow the company and improve the company, attract more talent, etc

    assuming they get a lousy 3 bucks on every energel sold...that is 6 shares they can buy back

    now i'm not saying they would ever DO that at this point or even entertain it...but that is how easy it would be to reduce shares while guys like this bash. they are totally clueless that this is becoming a real company selling real product

    also, wall st is going to start getting more behind this company and thus they NEED shares and market cap to uplift on the amex, etc. so i fathom a few connected hedgies are more than happy to load up on block shares down here for spot financing as this company progresses

    meanwhile hepa will be finding 10 other ways to bash this stock in the months ahead..wasting precious time and resources of his own