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  • hepa1 hepa1 Jan 9, 2012 6:09 PM Flag

    news: PR out! What do you all think!!!!?

    I don't think this looks good.

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    • Good for stock and company just wish they raised more like 2mill or so and ramped up a sales team, 500K will get burned up pretty quick if sales dont kick in...

      Anyone who owns stock knew that extra cap raising was coming i personaly just thought it would be more..

      in short any cash increase on the bal sheet is good for a start up so a glass half full here

    • Whether you Bashers/Shorters like it or not the 8K confirms what has happened.

      1. Fuse Mgmt has not be diluting to line their pockets....
      2. Settling with new investors from back in May/June of 2011.
      3. One Investor/Group of Investors opted for shares of stock versus cash! 17M shares versus cash equivalant.
      4. Another Investor/Group agreed to a 5 year warrant plan.

      Even those of you who are fixated on trying to bring this down, have to understand what has just occurred. If you cannot see/read this and understand it's meaning than you clearly have no reason to be on either side of any trade.

      You won the day in the stock price decline. The 8K tells the story for the future.

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      • CoComo the more i re read everything and look at comments the more ok i am with everything as it makes sense

        And its very bullish for folks to want to roll up or takr equity vs a debt position when u know the stock can soar

        Will add big tommorow and flip massively bullish into any drop

        Once it reverses any wont get in for days while company will use money to execute biz plans

    • Better really look at SEC filing of two weeks ago where management authorized an additional 500 million shares.FACT

    • Two events happened here:

      1) The company was running out of cash to fund operations. They raised $540k from a warrant holder who purchased his (or her) right to buy stock at 12¢ a share. Instead of taking the stock, though, the investor was sold a fresh set of warrants to purchase the same amount of shares from the company for 25¢ a share. The new deal is good for 5 years.

      2) The company had a 1 yr convertible bond maturing. Instead of demanding over $500k in principal and interest from the company (which the company could not afford anyway), the investor elected to convert the bond into 17 million-plus common shares. That was good for the company in preserving its cash position, but it dilutes the outstanding shares nearly 20%.

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      • I was hoping they would raise a lot more something like 2-3million so a salesforece could be ramped up, retail connections sort after and a survival of a year or more to get this firing.

        In short the news is good for the company and stock price as any cash injection for this company is good news, anyone tracking this startup knew it needed another cash injection, just wish it was more......

        glass half full

      • and you can rest assured these people are locking up there shares and will be buying more in the open market

        hepa's endless fear mongering campaign are over

        the early bird investors in this company are more than willing to take equity...most penny plays are involved in crazy convertible debt deals all the time. this is very refreshing

        you can bet these early bird funders have more clarity on future of company and why that equity position will be ballooning :)

        perhaps they know that millions of units will be sold on enerjel with a healthy profit margin. then the leverage into the ener-DROP tech....massive upside don't blame them at all!

      • Point two is better than point one. They took the stock instead of the money. Massively Bullish sign!!

      • considering the stock is down more than 50% from the top and non stop dilution fear mongering daily by hepa and others --- i think its MORE than priced in

      • One note to your 1st point.

        The company was "running out of money" this was back in May and June of 2011 shortly after the purchase of Fuse.