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  • mbk20001 mbk20001 Jan 11, 2012 3:00 AM Flag

    Tim Sykes about to be sued


    You know Tim, I am very surprised that you haven't been sued for defamation yet. It is one thing making truthful statements to the public about a company; but when you start lying, you need to be held legally accountable. You are out of control.

    DEFAMATION PER SE: "Business Disparagement" elements to prove the cause of action:

    Here, Tim Sykes has intentionally and maliciously used the term “Pump-n-Dump”, “duped”, “incompetence” and “terrible company” to lower the integrity and the public's opinion about Fuse Science, Inc. And in doing so, he has falsely informed third-parties that Fuse Science, Inc. has engaged in fraud. However, Fuse Science, Inc. is a legally incorporated company with a new product on the market. Statements about the affects of the Fuse product have NOT been misleading nor have they been exaggerated beyond legally accepted forms of puffing engaged by other businesses (i.e. Coca Cola, Microsoft, Google, Exxon, etc.). The company was recently formed and NO product was on the market to earn revenue until December 31,2011. And the issues with the company's merchant account does NOT equate to fraud, duping or incompetence as it was outside the control of the company. Furthermore, if the stock price should fall or rise, this also does NOT equate to fraud, duping or incompetence because the company does NOT control investor's desire to own the stock. Nor has the company pumped up the stock price. In fact, because the company has just launched its first product, the company has just now begun to earn revenue, which will help to increase the stock's value upon a positive earnings report. See www.poweredbyfuse.com

    Therefore, under the Laws of New York State, Tim Sykes has defamed Fuse Science, Inc. to multiple third-parties via a global media platform (The Internet).

    COMPENSATORY DAMAGES: damages need NOT be proven under defamation per se. They are presumed. See New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964).

    PUNITIVE DAMAGES: punitive damages are allowed to the extent they do not violated the 14thAmendment (10 times compensatory damages would be allowed). See State Farm v. Campbell 538 U.S. 408 (2003).

    I will be researching the legal standing for bringing an cause of action for defamation, negligence, tortious interference of business prospective, and prima facie tort under a derivative claim against you pursuant to the Model Business Corporation Act after proper notice to Fuse Science, Inc. and after the statutory 90 day period. If there is standing, expect a lawsuit from me shortly. And it will be published on the Internet. Rosenfeld v. Schwitzer Corporaton 251 F.Supp. 758 (SD NY1966)

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    • not just sykes but hepa , callaway and others are throwing around fraud, scam, etc like they don't care at all

      im glad someone is willing to stand up

      there is also a thing called illegal naked shorting where entities do this..then use fraud to create shares that don't exist to short into the ground. DTC/ deep capture. look into it

    • Well said! Tim and his followers usually dump. This is why we have seen the dumping the past few weeks. I believe that has come to an end now after yesterdays resistance at .25. I bet he was hoping it would go below .20, that's why at around noon when DROP started to turned around he came on the message board to post his comments again in the hopes that people would sell. The fact that it turned around yesterday clearly shows there is a strong support for this stock.


      Here is the actual creator and the science behind FUSE.


      Furthermore, patent filings are NOT made public until 18 months after their filings, and even then an application can be made to keep it private until the patent is issued. This is to secure patent rights on any derivative product that can result from the original filing. In addition, since FUSE is NOT considered a drug, it does NOT need FDA approval. And thus, there would be NO studies.

      So please stop dishing our your ignorance to people just because you are SHORT the stock.

      • 1 Reply to mbk20001
      • You are right it wont need FDA approval to be used in the vitamin, supplement, and mineral (VMS) industry because it is highly unregulated but they will need FDA approval in order to license the technology to pharma companies when it is used with pharmaceutical drugs not VMS products.

        That could take years on top of the average 3.5 years it takes to completely file a patent.

        So, we are assuming that all the patent applications were filed less than 18 months ago, lets say 10. That means we are looking at roughly another 2 years for FDA approval and another 2 years for the patents. We are looking at another 4 years before the heavy licensing revenue starts coming in from the pharma companies.

    • You can't disprove that guy anymore than you can prove this penny shell has "not exaggerated" its claims. Where is the PROOF/EVIDENCE/DATA about their product? I have not seen one clinical or medical review. I have not seen one single product efficacy report. I have not seen one ingredient list. I have not seen one ounce of "science". I have not found ANY information to support ANY of their claims and NO ONE on this board has produced evidence to the contrary.

      You're quoting the company as fact and sorry to inform you that marketing fluff, PRs, new websites, paid pumpers, etc...do NOT constitute evidence of facts. Comparing this to Coke or Microsoft or Google or any legit company is absolutely absurd.

      Fuse Science homepage "revolutionary science"... what is it? how does it work? how is it revolutionary? why are there no patents? where is the clinical reviews? where is the data to support their claims? THERE IS NOTHING dont you get it?

    • Tim Sykes is about to be sued - Could have seen this coming from a mile away


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