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  • callawaysmasher callawaysmasher May 16, 2012 8:01 PM Flag


    funny how they don't post a PR about the 10Q filed. Nice job on the whopping $24K in sales!!! too funny

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    • the company was financed Feb 8. hang tight. 3/31 aint a whole lot of runway tough guy...

    • All opinions should be welcome and I for one have voiced my reservations from time to time. I still have a big problem with the last big capital raise in structure and price, but that is past and we must move forward. I finally like what's happening on the business side and we'll see if they can get it done without giving away the farm yet again...It's also disturbing that they seem to have virtually no solid sponsorship for the stock as yet...

    • neither. i was interested 7months ago when a friend told me he was investing because of Tiger. fortunately i got him to stop putting money into this shell and saved him a lot of pain. i'm not short nor long nor trying to convince any pumper that they're wasting their money. You can't cure a mind that is not open to the truth. a message board is meant for opinions, not JUST biased pumpers regurgitating the company's bologna. New investors/boarders should see both sides before making an informed decision.

      if you're one of those people that believes exactly what you "hear" then yes you absolutely need luck on your side because you've created a fallacy based on distortion rather than facts.

      glta, -cs

    • great job Tiger and all the other athletes pumping the beans out of enerjunk, you did it, you helped sell less than 2000 units. Now u know why the stock is tanking.

      Execs taking all your money ($1.8M in SGA for what??), spitting out shares and awesome PRs so you keep buying their shares.

      $2.6M SGA the last 6months. So all that money they raised went to their pockets. Straight from you to them. True colors revealed

      good luck, you're gonna need it

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      • Callaway, you are still here making baseless claims on Fuse? Interesting, you must have a greater interest than you are willing to state.

        Enerjunk?? Really? 900 locations that we currently know of will be carrying "EnerJel" and that does not include the Mission Distribution channel. Must be some good "Junk" for them to pull this off. But hey, it's not Sheets now is it, LOL.

        Rick is correct, Endorsement agreements are product specific. Tiger is not promoting EnerJel. Arian Foster and David Ortiz are. Tiger will promote the drop technology products which "Soft Launch" in approx. 30 days.

        As for the SGA you mention, I can tell you did not read it or you do not understand it. If you did, you would have decided not to include it in the post.

        Let's look at it briefly.

        650K paid to Mission for "heavy commercialization efforts" including their 10 to 20K store network. Pretty Cheap in the grand scheme of things. 65K a month amortized. But hey, maybe you do not know what that means?

        563K in Professional expense. This is fixed typically and not a large amount. (Attorney's, filings, etc..)

        Payroll - 230K. Do the math..... They did not take their full salaries. I say nice job!

        Other expenses - 153K - Makes sense with all of the product production going on right now in California.

        Not sure why you even remotely think this was a big number?? Actually, I expected the marketing to be higher.

        You still seem to struggle with the concept and practice of bringing products to market and the scaling involved in this process.

        Haven't posted in a while, as most of the posts are silly and folks quite frankly talking to themselves. I may pick it up a bit now that Fuse is on the verge of launching their new product lines.

        I still don't get why you are here though, posting the way you are. You seem smart enough, but you choose to play dumb? Confusing to me.

      • Hmmmmmm never have heard Tiger mention Enerjel even ONCE...Why lie to try to make a point? Why would anyone believe anything you ever say then. You sound just like bgrass on ihub--probably are....