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  • hedgeman00 hedgeman00 Feb 9, 2005 11:46 AM Flag

    Price War Continues,aid,119614,00.asp

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    • Hoya,

      What are the chances then that a TI tries to get into this game (non-DLP)? ie buying up a player or developing within?


    • A good link...

      and one of the few handle names that can actually get me to chuckle

    • Thanks, Wrestle_for_food. That's a good link and food for thought.

      It is always wise to be wary of competition. In this case, the Digitimes article points out that several Taiwanese (Mstar, MediaTek, Sunplus) and one Chinese supplier (Huaya) are expected to muscle into 20% market share with low prices. But the overall market is expected to grow by 50%. Still a growing market for the entrenched companies (GNSS, PXLW, TRID).

      The question to me is: Will these new entrants compete in anything other than the low-end products? How long will these 4 companies be able to share that 20% of market share--compared to GNSS, PXLW and TRID with their larger market share? (I don't have the numbers---anyone, can you post the estimated market share of GNSS, PXLW, and TRID?)


    • will_wrestle_for_food will_wrestle_for_food Feb 15, 2005 12:37 PM Flag

      "DTV semiconductor prices likely will fall by an average of 15% in 2005.

      Figure 2 shows consumption of major semiconductors by China�s DTV makers. The biggest change for China�s DTV semiconductor market in 2005 is that suppliers of TV processors will experience more intense price competition, mainly due to the vigorous approaches taken by new Taiwanese entrants such as MStar, MediaTek and Sunplus. Another entrant is Huaya, a new Chinese supplier of display processors.

      Due to their low pricing, these newcomers are expected to achieve market share of approximately 20% in 2005. Specifically, they will likely take share from mainstream controller suppliers such as Trident, Pixelworks and Genesis, which held an estimated 98% of the China market in 2004."

    • The article Hedgemon posted, and later defended as bad news for PXLW, discusses the rapidly falling TFT glass panel prices. The article points out this is bad for the glass manufacturers and good for the consumers. It is also good news for the companies providing image processing chips for LCD products.

      Hedgemon posted the same supposedly bad news on the GNSS board. I wonder if he posted it on the TRID board?

      He continues to argue here and on the GNSS board--with the same exact post, miss-spellings and all-- (__it happends). What PVHU on the GNSS board, and Kenuseeme here pointed out is entirely correct: Falling TFT glass panel costs and falling LCD TV prices leads to higher volume and that's good for the chip manufacturers. This is obvious to any person who understands the semiconductor business or the PXLW-GNSS-TRID-...etc companies specifically.

      The TFT panel represents the huge majority of the cost of a TV or LCD monitor: That's many hundreds of dollars to well over $1000 for a large TV for the "glass", vs. $2-$30 for the video processing semiconductors depending on the application ($2 for a cheap 15-17" PC LCD monitor; maybe $30 or even more for a high performance chip-SET for a large-screen HDTV).

      I wonder whether Hedgemon is simply ignorant, or has some unknown ulterior motive here and on the GNSS board?

      Ya'll keep thinking--its what separates us from lentils and mindless people like Hedgemon.


      • 2 Replies to Hooyaligan
      • After Thanksgiving I bought my 42"LG plasma for around $4,000. Now I see it for $4,500. The prices are still going the wrong way. Until models drop in the 3,000 range you will not see a spike in demand. Hopefully lessor known brands are hitting those price marks. It is these generic brands that use more PXLW and GNSS chips.

      • "The article Hedgemon posted, and later defended as bad news for PXLW"

        I defended it ? You are just as bad as Advise_For_Impeciles
        TwoGiG_The Amature_With_Pennies.


        Maybe you should go read my reply. It stated we will see. What happend last time in the Price war? Hmmm lets see. wasn't Pxlw, Gnss in the high teens when that started?
        Wasn't that with panels too?

        Well, Lets see what happens!

        Lets see how you try to SPIN this one.

        Gootta Love those liberals from Cali. ROFLMAO

    • thats good news

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