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  • gwmortgage gwmortgage Mar 14, 2006 10:05 AM Flag

    Buy-Back would be nice on days like tod

    Here to remind you. Where is the Buy-Back!!!!

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    • I see, we ARE on the same page. My fault is I invest too heavily when I feel a stock is dumped on. When the insiders are buying 2,000 shares I am buying 20,000 and they make about 5 times my income!

      Nice to see E-Trade doing well today because they called in some more of their convertibles. I only mention this because their stock got dumped on when they had alot of outstanding convertibles about 4 years ago, much like PXLW. I am not sure how all this high finance stuff works, but from experience in holding these shares, I can tell you they somehow use these convertibles to short the stock. Actually buying back convertibles is preferable to a stock buy-back. I know it is a low interest rate but come on, logic tells you there are strings attached when someone lends you money at 1.75%.

    • Oh by the way I am not affiliated with PXLW in any way, shape or form. I simply have invested a small amount in this issue as a speculation. I believe I have been confused with someone that might hype a stock for personal gain. No way Jose. I have despised the people who are called PR reps promoting garbage only to sell their shares. I happen to have been in the securities industry and am fully aware of the shinnanigans. I just like PXLW for its industry and price relative to its competitors, add in the amount of cash this company plows into R&D and the aggressiveness of the acquisition. This all adds up to an excellent little specuation.

    • I said, "from China" As, if, a chip has been sent from U.S. to China....LOL

      Our ship had better make it to port before next earnings announcement at the end of April. You have seen how PXLW reacts to "Bad News Coming". Imagine this scenario:

      1) Lowered Qtr2 revenues
      2) No design wins
      3) Lowered 2006 guidance
      4) Goodwill writeoffs ( one time, of course)
      5) No Buy-Back

      Do you think PXLW will hold $5 under these circumstances? We are heading in that direction unless the current management can change things in 45 days. Now, you see why I grow impatient.

    • I am a good sort, but after 2 years, and many unfullfilled promises, I grow impatient.

    • Sorry Charlie, The only way I see a buy back is if the company for its own benefit wants to prop the stock price. That would be for only one reason. Using stock for a major aquisition.
      Otherwise you won't see a buy back just for investment purposes. The company is supposed to invest in its business period.

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      • PXLW doesn't need any major or minor acquisitions until their current acquisitions are profitable. PXLW is cheap and may be cheaper after next CC if no Design wins are announced. What is so terribly wrong with usuing some cash from preventing your stock from hitting rock bottom??? Did you read their 10-K. If market cap keeps going south they may have to write off Goodwill which is an expense. I would rather see an expense due to buy-backs then Goodwill.

      • It's as if someone or somebodies want this stock to trade just below 5 bucks...

        This upsets me because I want anybody with "the balls" to go ahead sell it short. I get off when the stock FEAR's the investor... Come on doom and gloomers, put up or ...

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