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  • andrewj5267 andrewj5267 Jun 19, 2013 7:53 AM Flag

    The actual company that DOES license video to Apple and Samsung

    Imagination Technologies, and its competitor, ARM Holdings
    {no mention of PXLW - sorry}

    LONDON, June 19 (Reuters) - Imagination Technologies , the British chip designer whose graphics technology is in smartphones from Apple and Samsung, reported lower full-year profits as licensing slows.

    The British company, which licenses its designs to chipmakers and receives a royalty on every unit shipped, has lost business it had expected from customers such as Texas Instruments and ST Ericsson as the smartphone market consolidates around a few big players.
    Its competitor ARM has also been winning market share in graphics in smartphones, mobile computers and digital TVs.

    But Yassaie said the company would retain a strong position in what was still a growing smartphone market, both at the top end, where Imagination is strong, and at the lower end.

    Analysts had raised concerns that Apple, which holds a 8.7 percent stake in Imagination, could opt for a cheaper chipset from Qualcomm for a possible low-end iPhone, rather than designing its own processor.

    Yassaie said he was confident that the major smartphone players would stay loyal: "I would be very sceptical of people who believe that customers will change an ecosystem on the back of that sort of issue.

    "A lot of our customers have the technology and ability to target different price points with our technology."

    Yassaie is targeting markets like televisions, and, in the longer term, wearable technology. Its designs are in Google Glass, the computer with a display on a pair of glasses.

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    • Up pretty early to save everyone from their bad investment... What a hero.

      Why is it up with premarket volume?

      • 1 Reply to unknowndrone007
      • "Why is it up with premarket volume?"

        The price movement has nothing to do with me.
        Why would you think I have Millions of dollars and the ability to move the stock price in any direction?

        I am simply 'bringing to light', some related facts.
        But by all means, you can continue to contribute to the board with your pointless innuendos and 'connect the dots' imagination involving products that don't exist.
        I find it all quite amusing, and I do enjoy a good laugh from time to time.

    • You goofy #$%^& ????? That's a 300 dollar stock with eight cents earnings. Good pick ! Now find the next winner that has been destroyed that has the new and up coming processors and engines before the whole street knows. Einstein

      • 1 Reply to rchites
      • From the same June 19 Reuters article:

        "Imagination posted adjusted pretax profit of 34.3 million pounds ($53.5 million) for the year to end-April, down from 36.8 million, on revenue up 19 percent to 151.5 million pounds.

        Shares in the group, which fell 27 percent after the profit warning, were trading up 3 percent at 314.5 pence by 1052 GMT."

        Yes, you must feel like I am an Einstein in comparison to yourself.
        Where do you see Imagination Technologies being a 300 dollar stock?
        'pence' does NOT equate to 'dollars'

        And I wasn't announcing a stock pick, as any individual with an IQ of at least 86 would know.
        But I do believe you are smarter than that, which can only mean, your pointless response indicates you have a connection with the 'pumpers' in this 'pump-n-dump' scheme.

    • An excerpt from an article about ARM Holdings:

      Credit Suisse also warned of a threat to the group’s customer base and said that “of Imagination’s four key customers, Samsung this year moved to ARM graphics, Texas Instruments is exiting the wireless business, and Mediatek could, in our view, try ARM graphics in its smartphone chips as it already uses its graphics in feature phones and TV.”

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