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  • bullwind bullwind Mar 6, 2014 6:13 PM Flag

    So what does PXLW sell to Apple? Fill me in why this is so big?

    Tell what I'm missing?

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    • Pixelworks has been producing display processors for a while, I know because I've seen their products inside of lcd and plasma sets at my repair business. They are now developing 4K technology processors, plus. It's like a brand new play, forget the past business. Maybe Apple is getting ready to release 4K televisions for the first time, using PXLW technology. I'm in from $3 bucks, so I'm not selling anytime soon.

    • Most small companies that are working with Apple end up getting bought out by Apple. It would be a drop in the bucket for them to acquire this company at a much higher price, thats just a little interest to pay for that.

    • simple... when a company (hitherto unknown) has customers called APPLE, PANASONIC AND NEC (big 3 in consumer electronics) as your major customers generating more than 10% each revenue which was kept a secret for entire 2013, it is big news.

      you need to change your sentiment ASAP, else you will not have shirt to wear if your idea is to short the stock

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    • Thats simple. what you are missing is the fact that mkt does not care one bit what pxlw sells to aapl and how much of it. the mkts only wanna see the name APPLE in the earnings release, and once they see that name, the endless rally is on. Doesnt matter if pxlw sold only a piece of gum to them. Once mkt sees the name APPLE as the one sold to, it rewards it infinitely. keep that secret in mind for other stocks that include the name APPLE in their earnings....their stock will fly too. The power of name is that strong. Remember, in the beginning was the name, the name was with God, and the name was God. That name on the street is APPLE

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      • i think they do. 30M shares dont get traded for no good reason. what PXLW is making is the electronics of future..... 4K HDTV is big business (remember how samsung took the lead in LCD TVs from 2008 and destroyed Sony business???). same here...AAPL has to catch up with Samsung where they lack.... Iwatch, 4K iphone screens, Ipad 4K screens, i can go on and on and on... No one is an expert in it like PXLW.. I have read their ER transcript... they are damn good....
        AAPL is so choosy so to pick PXLW, they have to be the best in their game

        CES: they struck a deal with skyworks for 4K TV

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    • What do you think a company called Pixelworks sells? Pixels, man! Apple is coming out with their own HD/3D high tech TV.

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